Shopping Area
  1. Gift Shop: You will find here a variety of items that is impossible to list them all here. Many of them are unique to our store, found nowhere else: T-shirts with the uniquely designed emblems of each of the 12 (13) tribes of Israel and the blessings of Jacob to his sons written in Hebrew; T-shirts with Bible messages and funny, but ethical, inscriptions; crystals with the castle picture and texts fit for family members, relatives, friends and others; handicrafts, etc.
  2. General Convenience Store: Here too you will find a variety of items that is impossible to list them all: snacks; clothing and shoes; perfumes and cosmetics; kitchen, house and garden items; tools; office and school supplies; books; health and hygiene merchandise; children toys, etc. Compare our prices. They are the cheapest in the town. You may also have the opportunity to get a substantial discount, some items even free, if you can answer correctly to a few random Bible questions.
  3. Bargain Section – If you like to bargain, as it was done in the Bible time, we offer that option too.
  4. Give-Andke Free Zone – Take anything that you need from this section for free and also give anything that you may want to give and may be fit for our project.
  5. Periodical Auction – Also unique and different – auction time. Look for auction’s dates and time.
Spiritual, Educational, and Recreational Area
  1. Bible Land Walk Throu: Hebrew Tabernacle and Land-like room where you could sit at a rustic table, or on the floor in a nomadic Bedouin-like tent, and contemplate, read, and appreciate the displayed symbols that point to the saving work of God in, for, and through His people. For a few moments, be part of the past.
  2. Great Controversy Story – With the help of a uniquely designed project, using audio and visual illustrations, you will be able to immerse yourself in the major events of the Great Controversy between God and Satan as presented in the Holy Scriptures and seen in the human history. Thus, you will be taken from the incipient moments of man’s existence, passed through the experience of the beginning of the rebellion in heaven and man’s tragic fall on earth, exposed to the manifestation of God’s majesty and love at Sinai and Golgotha, and brought finally to the most glorious event of Christ’s Second Coming.  Throughout all this time you will be intensely challenged to participate emotionally, rationally, and spiritually to a heart searching and life changing experience. Your mind and heart will be immersed in Biblical knowledge of God’s character that may take most of you by surprise. Reformation and Christ like character is the goal of this presentation.
  3. Children’s Jungle Room: Experience the jungle life – walk through the woods of the jungle, interact with the animals, listen to the waterfall, climb in the tree house,  make a jungle tree, play, participate in group games, etc.
  1. Artifacts Display:  Real and authentic samples of rocks, wood, sand, clay, water, etc. from the Biblical land of the territory of each Hebrew tribe, some man made samples in existence more than 3500 years.
  2. Reading Corner: Some spiritual and educational maps and books for a few moments of reading and relaxation in the cool of the castle.
  3. Live Food for the Soul: Bible studies, prayer, and an ear to listen for the weary passing-through-children of the King, periodical Bible and health seminars, Bible contest, etc.
Renting the Castle

As long as the events for which someone desires to rent our facilities conform to the Biblical standards, as written in the official documents of the establishment of this company, the castle is available. It can be rented for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.

Check the “Products ” section for detailed list of items and prices.

Since valtiroty project is still being developped,
some of the intended services may not be available at the present time.